Introducing Screenhero

Screenhero lets you screen share any application with anyone, no matter where they are. It’s super simple and blazing fast. You each get your own mouse pointer, and you’re both always in control. It’s designed for collaboration, not just broadcasting your screen. It’s like Google Docs for any application on your computer.

We use Screenhero for everything from sharing XCode for pair programming or code reviews, to sharing Photoshop to iterate on the latest mockups, to sharing Google Chrome to write an email together in the browser. We know you’ll come up with some great uses for Screenhero that we never thought of.

Screenhero is designed to feel like you’re sitting next to the person you’re working with — even when you’re miles away. Right now we have a beta available for Mac. Windows is coming soon. If you’d like to be informed about big updates (like when the Windows version is ready), please sign up for our email list.

Screenhero is currently in beta, so things might break. If you see anything weird happen, please email us at — there are tons of edge cases that we can’t predict, and it’s only with your feedback that we’ll be able to solve these issues.

We hope you like Screenhero as much as we’ve enjoyed making it. Once you’ve tried it out, please drop us a line at — we’d love to hear what you think.

The Screenhero team

(Faraz, Jason, J, & Vishal)

Screenhero is a collaboration tool that turns any Mac or PC program into a shared environment where multiple users can simultaneously use their mice and keyboards to work together or complete projects.

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