Slack Integration

A lot of our users have been asking for this…


Slack is real-time messaging, archiving and search for modern teams. And, starting today, we are proud to announce that Screenhero is integrated into Slack. Launch Screenhero sessions directly from Slack, and get stuff done. Type “/hero help” into your Slack client to learn more, or add the Screenhero integration now!

With the new integration, Slack offers the following slash-commands that you can type into the message area:

/hero help
shows you all the available options
/hero @teammate
starts a screen share
/hero voice @teammate
starts a voice chat

We are proud to number Slack among our partners as we roll out the first wave of Screenhero integrations. Interested in integrating Screenhero into your app? Tell us about it!

What Would You Build with a Screenhero API?


We’re currently hard at work on building out a new and much improved Screenhero API. Right now it is currently in closed beta—watch for some awesome integrations being released by our beta partners over the coming days and weeks—but we want to know: What would you build with a Screenhero API?

Please take a minute to fill out the survey on our main site and tell us what awesome app you’ve been itching to build.

Beta Release 13: A Better Communications Tool


Screenhero is making collaboration even easier. Beta Release 13, available now, allows you to start a voice chat without sharing your screen, and lets you rapidly switch between sharing and hosting a screen.

Use the in-app updater, or grab the latest update from our website, and read on for the details on the new enhancements.*

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Screenhero: Not Just For Remote Working

In a previous blog post, we showed you how to turbo-charge a pairing station with Screenhero to get the benefit of two mouse cursors. But you don’t need a dedicated pairing station to reap the benefits of pairing with Screenhero.


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International Keyboard Support: For Real This Time

a keyboard

Yeah, so we announced support for international keyboards before—and it worked, but not completely, as you were quick to point out! We’ve just posted an update to Beta Release 12 that includes vastly improved support for European keyboards on OS X. This update also handles cmd-q, cmd-w, cmd-h, and cmd-m in a much clearer way on all keyboards, transmitting these sequences to the host computer instead of (say) quitting Screenhero. If you aren’t already running, you can download it now, or use the in-app updater. Let us know what you think!.

Unfortunately, we’re still working on AltGr support for Windows users. We aim to have support for European keyboards in our Windows client in the next few weeks.

Screenhero Use Cases: Local Collaboration

Operating systems assume that there is only one person accessing the desktop at a time, limiting us to only one mouse cursor per desktop. But what if you really want two cursors, for a local pairing session, for example? Screenhero to the rescue!

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Beta Release 12: Faster, Better, More!

faster than a speeding logo!

Screenhero is now even faster than ever before! Beta Release 12, available now, is a huge step forward in network performance, image quality, responsiveness, and overall reliability. Go ahead and download it now!, or read on for a list of enhancements

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Behind the Scenes: A Peek at Screenhero’s Real-Time Video Streaming Technology

Remote collaboration should feel just like you’re in the same room, and our real-time video streaming is a big part of what makes that happen. Last month our own Faraz Khan and Don Goodman-Wilson gave a talk at Pivotal Labs discussing some of the obstacles we’ve faced with low latency streaming of HD+ resolution video, and how we overcame them.

h/t Pivotal Labs Tech Talks

Alfred workflow for Screenhero

Share your screen without leaving your keyboard with the new Alfred workflow for Screenhero! Download the workflow here (you’ll need Alfred 2 Pro to install).

To use it, type “sh ” in Alfred.  You’ll see a list of all your currently online Screenhero contacts:


You can start a screen share by just selecting one of your contacts. There’s autocomplete, too:


The latest version of Screenhero for Mac (v0.11.0.8) is required for this to work.  As part of this, we’ve also added a couple of Applescript methods that are available for public use:

get_online_buddies v : Get online buddies based on the given lookup string.

start_screenshare v : Start a screenshare with the user with the given ID.

For more details, open the Screenhero Applescript dictionary in Applescript Editor.  Feel free to play around with these methods in your own scripts!

Let us know what you think at, on twitter or on facebook.

New Features: Voice chat, a revamped look-and-feel, and much more


Today, we’ve added five major features that improve productivity and collaboration on the Screenhero platform. These are among the top-most requested features by users on our feedback page. Below are the highlights of this release. To try it out, download the latest version, or check for updates from Screenhero if you’re already a user. Also, be sure to check out TechCrunch’s video demo and interview with our CEO!

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Screenhero is a collaboration tool that turns any Mac or PC program into a shared environment where multiple users can simultaneously use their mice and keyboards to work together or complete projects.

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